Photo: 52 smiles project

We have always been asking for being true to ourselves and chasing our passion. However, most of us are still questioning what we really like. To answer this, we need to know the meaning of passion first.

What is Passion?

Passion is something meaningful to yourself or even others. It will make you feel excited and forget about the time you spent. It will also propel you to be a better version of yourself with a certain amount of time & effort put on developing. Besides, while chasing a passion, you will be able to showcase your personality & voice the feeling.

How can we find our passion then? There is no absolute answer, but I would like to share my own story to inspire all of you.

Photo: Shot in Taiwan

My Own Story


I have three hobbies which make my life much different and complete. Magic is one of them & the most important one. I learned magic because of joining the magic society at the university. There are plenty of chances for me to learn and perform magic in front of the audience. I regard it as one of my passion because it means a lot. Magic can create happiness for the audience letting them relax. And it also turns me to be a more confident and presentable person, not only while playing magic but in daily life.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, and you will never know if it suits you or not if you don’t try it.

Performance: One of the World Championship of Magic


Videography is also one of my passion for helping me to convey the message to others. I am not a professional videographer, but love to take and edit videos in my free time. There is always a reason why passion comes. When I was working as an intern in a tech startup, I realized how amazing video production could be. At that time, I wanted to produce my own work as well, so I brought a phone stabilizer and started to learn the editing software. When you are passionate about something, there is nothing called “Difficulties”. You will map out all the possible solutions and make things possible. Videography teaches me how to present the beauty of the world and say something through videos.

When you find something incredible, why don’t you think of learning it and becoming the one making others feel amazed?

Video: Clips taken in Taiwan


Every passion serves a different purpose to your life. Music is special to me because it’s a way to release pressure. And lyrics of the songs are sometimes reflecting what I think and feel. I also trust that music can heal a broken heart if you can tell a story through it. Although I am not good at playing music right now, I believe I will master it very soon because of the broad meaning behind it.

You should never limit your passion to the personal level, which deters you from reaching higher and enjoying the most.

Music: Lady Gaga, Bradley Copper — I’ll Never Love Again

The Importance of Passion

Finding and developing your passion can keep reminding yourself who you are and telling the world that you are here for reasons. You only live ONCE. Don’t waste your time and limit your potential to be great. Do live with purpose & make your life meaningful.

Passionate about what you are doing, Do what you are excited.